About Us

LEDPalmtree is a Melbourne/Geelong based independent design studio consisting of two brothers, Lachlan and Josh Smith.

Avid gamers from an early age, there was always a new Flash game in the works at LEDPalmtree HQ. Nowadays they have broadened their sights and are currently working with web development, native android applications and have a new game in the works.

Recently LEDPalmtree, in collaboration with Will Donohoe and Rob Koch, attended UniHack 2015 and received IMC's ‘Making Things Happen Award’ for CodeBreaker. 

Lachlan Smith

Lead Programmer – Game Design

Lachlan is LEDPalmtree's resident coder. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Monash University. When not hard at work he enjoys heading down to the beach to surf and beating his brother at Black Mesa. Over the summer he will be conducting computer graphics research at UCSD, in San Diego.

Joshua Smith

Art - Web Design - Graphic Design

Joshua handles the visual side of LEDPalmtree. Like his brother, he also attends Monash University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. He always has a project in the works, ranging from woodwork to digital art. A selection can be found through the design tab.

Contact Us

Send us an email directly at: ledpalmtree@gmail.com
Or contact us through our Facebook Page