Sep 2015 - Ongoing

Codebreaker is a phone application which deciphers and solves codeword puzzles by taking a photo. A prototype was created at a 24 hour hackathon, UniHack 2015, in Kivy and we are now working on producing a full native Android app.


Dec 2014

This game is a flash remake of one of our favourite minigames, found in Timesplitters 2. We strived to achieve the same gameplay as the original and also added a few extra modes. Listen out for the 100% MIDI remix of the original song courtesy of Josh.

Treasure Fusion

March 2014

Inspired by 2048, this game replaces the classic numbers with treasure, and adds a few more game modes. Along with being our most popular game, this is also the first game we've released onto Android and iOS using Adobe AIR.

Tank Game

Feb 2014

WIP: Tentatively named 'Tank Game' this project is probably our largest undertaking. Inspired by the 'Tanks' minigame on Wii Play, we aimed to further develop the gameplay ideas presented. It features an inbuilt map editor (which you can test live) and 7 playable levels.

Please note that this version contains many bugs and unfinished features. If you get stuck you might need to refresh the page.

Infinite Asteroids

July 2009

A fairly early endeavor at flash development. This game was a quick mockup to showcase a particle engine. Its gameplay is reminiscent of the classic arcade game Asteroids.